For all Salads, the price is : $5.95
Choice of dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Italian   ($0.75 Extra)

Spinach Salad
Organic spinach, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, smoked bacon, and mozzarella cheese.
Chicken Salad
Organic mixed greens, grilled, chicken strips, tomatoes, red onions, and carrots.
Insalatta Treciolina
Organic baby arugula/spinach, shaved parmesan, cherry red, and mozzarella cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette.
Farmer's Market
Organic mixed greens, Canadian bacon, sweet corn, black olives, and cheddar cheese.

Veggie Salad
Organic mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and Balsamic vinaigrette dressing