Pizza Day is proud to announce that we have been voted one among the top 10 favorite pizzas of Austin in the Pie-fighters Challenge by Austin Chronicle and voted as one of the best pizza place in Austin.

Thank you all for voting for us and placing us in the top 10 pies in Austin. Our team and our healthy menu are grateful for the support we got from our loyal customers. We run now with renewed excitement and a commitment to keep up the good work to serve Austin our healthy pizzas.

Our popular menu items and delicious healthy pizzas are special causes of our success. Our pizzas are all Natural, Organic (crust), fresh with Gluten-free, and Vegan pizza options. Specially created by our acclaimed chef Reginaldo Bertosi, our menu boasts of his original creations and all-natural fusion delicacies to satisfy our customer’s palate. With an experience of more than 28 years in Italian cuisine, Reginaldo brings home a bunch of awards and has been awarded The Best Pizza chef of New York by New York Post.

At Pizza Day we believe in health first and therefore use organic, natural, fresh ingredients in our pizza with an amazing combination of fresh hand-cut vegetable toppings and a premium grade mozzarella cheese from the best Grande Cheese Company. With a menu of interesting dishes and explosive fusion flavors, we customize our pizzas to the customers’ liking.

We keep in mind the many different eating choices of our patrons and love to make pizzas for everyone such as halal meat pizzas for people with ethnic or religious choices and options of whole wheat pizza or gluten-free crust for our gluten-intolerant customers. We have a bunch of special items on the menu with great deals for different occasions and at surprising prices.

When the pandemic turned tables on the world and while the restaurant businesses were shutting down, we were quick to adapt and restore services with more healthy safety measures and contactless pizza delivery options. While most of the people stayed home to keep safe, we had a responsibility to cater to the frontline healthcare workers and support people who could not stay homes and cook for themselves.

Health and safety have always been our priority and with the new wave of corona scare, we had to go the extra mile to be clean hygienic and extra cautious towards our trusted patrons while serving them our healthy pizzas. We want to keep our trust and serve the Austin community with the same commitment that is expected from us as best pizza place in Austin.

We are open every day to take orders. Even though we are not open to in-house dining we are providing take-out options and Contactless Delivery services. Now you can call us with your order of favorite pizza and toppings and we make sure we get it to your doorstep contactless. While you enjoy your pizza we want you to be rest assured that at Pizzaday we know our responsibilities and are taking care of all the recommended safety measures and regulations.

How we maintain our pizza place:

We clean and disinfect the place regularly and all the touched surfaces like doorknobs, cash resisters, workstations, countertops, and sink handles are frequently disinfected.
We trained our staff with the sanitizing routines and we have procedures to ensure that all the safety applications are in place.
Our ventilation systems and water systems are well operated and maintained regularly.
We have a limited seating capacity and therefore to promote social distancing we stopped dine-in services but kept our delivery and/or carry out services open.
We have modified ourselves to contactless delivery to avoid any contact exchanges. Our customers now can choose to either meet their delivery at the door, curbside, or go full non-contact and have deliveries left at the door. Make sure to tell your preference at the time of order.
In case of contactless delivery, our drivers leave the delivery at the specified place, call, or ring for the order to be picked up and leave the spot.
We do cashless payment methods to avoid transactions of currency notes.
Our pizzas are the safest food to order as they come out of a 450+ F Oven and go directly into the boxes hands-free before they go out for take-out or delivery.
Despite the added amount of work, we manage to keep up with the busy orders every day to serve our pizza lovers and our drivers continue to work full throttle to reach their destinations on time. We are in line with CDC’s recommendations for the best hygiene and safety precautions. Please do visit our website and check out our menu of signature pizzas and special items and find out why Pizza day is best pizza place in Austin. Call to order or feel free to call with inquiries at (512)324-7492. Pizza day can also help with your catering needs for special occasions and specializes in preparing organic healthy pizzas for the health-conscious Austinites!

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