As the fight to contain the coronavirus pandemic is on, experts are warning about social distancing to slow the spread of the virus. While more and more restaurants and pizzerias are shutting down and going through a lockdown phase there is also a higher need for food delivery to the hospitals, healthcare facilities and senior home facilities that depend heavily on the delivery of meals. Pizzaday wants to keep serving the nation safely during these times of need while notching up our standards for hygiene and safety practices by Contactless Delivery in Austin, Texas.

Pizzaday is a trusted pizzeria in Austin, Texas which has always been a health and hygiene conscious restaurant. We stand by our principles and standards and continue to give the best quality, all-natural and fresh healthy pizzas to our customers. We believe in unadulterated food without any additives and preservatives because the health and safety of our customers is our topmost priority. Now we go the extra mile to make sure we deliver our healthy pizzas to our customers by offering a contactless delivery at preferred drop-off points. Pizza day also commits to making it easy for our customers to order online for pick-up or delivery every day from 4 pm to 9 pm while staying safe at home during this crisis time. We have taken steps to keep serving Austin’s favorite pizzas keeping in mind the pandemic crisis management by learning from the experiences of the best in the market that have successfully introduced contactless delivery.

We are making sure to go through a rigorous end-to-end hygienic process to safely make our pizzas healthy and with our contactless delivery policy in place, we promise to serve your healthy meals safely and contact-free in the present viral threat situations. Customers can choose a front door or reception desk and our delivery drivers will call and notify at the time of drop-off.

1. We make sure All hands are washed thoroughly
2. Our Pizzas go through a 400-degree oven temperatures
3. All Pizzas slide hands free into the box from the oven
4. Customers can opt for contactless delivery while ordering online
5. Customers can select Prepay and pre-tipping options to promote cashless transactions
6. We safely deliver the pizzas contactless to your doorstep to be placed on a clean and safe surface
7. Our delivery driver will notify you as soon as the food is dropped off
8. The driver stands back a safe distance to ensure there is no exchange of hands until the order is picked up

With our new safe delivery methods, we hope to continue serving our customers who depend on our healthy pizza options for their meals and do not have to step out.

For more information visit our website and for delivery call us on SMS: 512-345-7492Call: 512-345-7492512-345-7492 or orderonline@

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