International Vegan Day, celebrated around the world on 1 November annually, in continuity with Vegetarian Awareness Month of October advocates reverence of life species including animals and healthy plant-based food habits. Loads of Vegans come together for activities such as setting up stalls, hosting potlucks, and planting memorial trees to celebrate the benefits of veganism for human health and a sustainable natural environment. Established not long ago in 1994 by The Vegan Society of the United Kingdom, Vegan Day’s popularity has since grown globally with an increasing number of people turning vegan every year.

As the community of Vegans grew so did the number of innovative vegan dishes. All our newly switched vegan customers now don’t have to miss out on their favorite dishes on turning Vegan. We have the best plant-based replacements for dairy that not just look and satisfy but make drool-worthy recipes sometimes even better tasting than the original. You do not crave the taste of meat or even miss it when you can satisfy the urge with savory vegan dishes that check those same menu items with fresh vegetables and more amazing choices.

PIZZA DAY honors our VEGAN customers and wishes them a WORLD VEGAN DAY with amazing offers. We take special care of our vegan orders to make our pizzas with freshly baked organic dough and fresh hand-cut veggies. We can also deliver the pizzas contactless for parties or activity stalls.

If you have just started plant-based eating or upping your “clean-eating” regimen, try our Vegan pizzas and you will never look back!
You can special order a VEGAN-friendly version of any of our dishes with your choice of toppings. Check out our website at or call SMS: 512-345-7492Call: 512-345-7492512-345-7492 for delivery.

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