Pizza Day is known for its unique menu with a combination of signature dishes, popular pizzas worldwide, and fusion pizzas representing different tastes and different palates. Out of the most popular pizzas BBQ chicken Pizza in Austin tops the chart and is liked by most of our customers.

Pizzaday’s Barbeque Chicken pizza is made out of fresh organic dough. Grilled Chicken Bites are used with a special BBQ sauce that gives a tangy barbeque flavor to the pizza. Toppings of red onions, green pepper, mushrooms, and minced garlic give a crunchy distinguishing smack that adds on to the smoky tale of the pizza. Our premium cheese blend from Grande Cheese is the best Mozarella cheese in the industry and makes our Pizza indelible once tried. To top it off, Pizza day gives you whole wheat or gluten-free crusts and halal chicken choices if you wish.

Visit us online and take a look at the range of menu for our amazing offerings. You can pick up or go for contact less delivery options to order your favorite Pizza!

If you are also a fan of this delicious creation and cannot stop wondering what and how could this unique combination finds its way into the popular pizza toppings now being used in almost all small and big pizza places, you can read along for the history of its origin.
On much researching, it is found that BBQ chicken Pizza was a creation of the 1985’s by the famous pizza chef Ed LaDou for California Pizza kitchen’s menu. LaDou was working as a pizza chef for an already renowned chef Wolfgang Puck at the Spago restaurant in LA, California. His outstanding creations were soon popular because of its out of box recipes. LaDou’s recipes included pizza toppings with smoked salmon, duck sausage, etc which were unique at that time. His pizzas using exclusive toppings like ricotta cheese, pate, mustard, and red peppers made them so popular, that reservations at Spago were always full and impossible to get through.
Discovered by Larry Flax who was a co-founder of California Pizza Kitchen, LaDou was approached in 1985 to create his amazing combinations for California Pizza Kitchen’s unique menu. His first featuring pizza combinations for them were the original Barbeque chicken pizza along with combos like Thai chicken, Jamaican jerk chicken, etc. In the first-ever BBQ chicken pizza recipe, the shredded chicken was used with a homemade BBQ sauce and topped off with fontina cheese, onions, and cilantro.
After his famous BBQ chicken pizza taking over the hearts of many, LaDou moved on to his restaurant venture called Caioti Pizza Café. He started expanding his eccentric pizza collections. Some of the many including toppings like gorgonzola, porcini, ground American bison, scrambled eggs, and hash browns that made the world-famous charts. Even though his wife and daughters are now taking care of his creations at Caioti since his passing away in 2007, there is no doubt that he lives on with his renditions to the pizza industry with his unique creations especially the famous BBQ chicken pizza!
A survey on pizza blog votes BBQ chicken Pizza in Austin as one of the most loved and most ordered American pizza toppings. Many pizza restaurants came out with their unique versions of the BBQ Chicken Pizza by adding a variety of sauces, toppings, but the main original ingredients remain the soul of the pizza.

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